Welcome to the Q.A.U. website at the Kavala Institute of TechnologyThe Quality Assurance Unit at the Kavala Institute of Technology is responsible for coordinating and supporting the institute's quality assurance procedures.
MO.DI.P. is chaired by the Vice President for Academic Affairs or Vice President of the Foundation (Article 2 of Law 3374/2005). The unit was established by Act 3/27-3-2009 of the institute's General Assembly. The unit's participants are:

  • Dimitrios Bantekas (Vice President of Academic Affairs)
  • Achilleas Christoforidis (Member)
  • Anastasios Karasavvoglou (Member)
  • Nicholas Avci (Member)
  • Spokesman of the Management / Technical Personnel (TBD)
  • Student Representative (TBD)

The President of MODIP at the Kavala Institute of Technology
Prof. Dimitris Bandekas